Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One of the things I wanted to do this year is to read through the Bible. Many times I would pick up one of those schedules each church hands out in the beginning of the year, arm myself with sticky notes and special highlighters and, full of enthuasism, embark on that journey. Then I would fizzle out by the end of January, start putting the readings off and eventually I just gave up on the whole thing. It bothered me that I could read any book in Twilight series in a day or day and a half but I couldn't read through even half of the Bible. It was all about priorities. So this year I waited until it was middle of January (not intentionally) when I discovered a very neat reading plan in the back of my ESV Bible. It goes like this: every day you read couple of chapters from the Old Testament, one Psalm and couple of chapters from the New Testament. That plan allows you to read through the Old Testament once, through the Psalms and New Testament twice. I am still playing catch up but I discovered something amazing today: by reading different parts of the Bible in one day I always manage to find a verse that I need to hear that day. And to me, that one thing alone is enough to keep me going. I am hoping that by putting it on my blog it will help keep me accountable.

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