Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It had to be done

Today was the day that I took down our Christmas tree. Our awesome skinny slight tilt to the left perfect for apartment tree. Last year we kept it up till March (we are classy like that). We put it up very early this year: October 31 as an early birthday gift for me. It was so rainy and dreary and I really wanted something cheerful and sparkly. Christmas tree always lifts my spirits. But it was time to find something else (didn't want to wear that sparkly feeling out). I lovingly wrapped the glass pickle that was the first ornament to break my "we will only have elegant ornaments" tradition. My favorite foods are either pickled or dipped in ranch. Then went the hermit crab wrapped in christmas lights. We bought it in St.Augustine making the sales lady's day since we also bought pirate crab standing on a treasure chest waving a sword. He does all that with a seagull on his head. To finish the trio we got a shrimp sitting on an anchor waving his whiskers somewhat tipsy like. I was sad to wrap a pair of starfish wearing matching snorkeling outfits. I will put up the pictures so I can look at them through the year and smile.
My lovely pickle (I believe it's from Target)

Hermit crab:


Thank you, Melis, for advice on how to work around putting in pictures!


Melis said...

Hey Lady! Where do you find pickle ornaments - I want one!

Also, if you're having problems mixing text and pictures, sometimes the best thing to do (because for some reason blogger's editor is wonky) is either a)hit the enter key a bunch of times after you write text, then insert your picture, then you've got some space to scoot your picture up and that makes it easier to put your cursor under the picture; or b) what I do more often than not is type some stuff in the "Compose" mode and upload my picture, then go into the "Edit HTML" tab and all that's there is my text and the code for the picture (it'll be obvious that it's a picture) instead of the image itself, and you can scoot that around within your text more easily, then click back over to the "Compose" mode to see how your post is looking and to add anything else like italics and what not if you don't want to use the HTML tags. Pain in the butt, it is. Let me know if it works a little better for ya! Keep on bloggin, sista!

Melis said...

I'm so glad it worked! Looks great!