Friday, January 15, 2010

Betty Crocker would be proud...NOT

Last night my husband got a hankering for some spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Since I can eat wheat and gluten again I was all for it and made a dash to the grocery store since we haven't had pasta in the house in several years unless it was Gluten Free variety. I had the pans boiling, sauce simmering (thank you, Ragu) and to top the meal off I slid the bread slathered with butter and sprinkled with garlic salt under the broiler. Now, when I cook things get spilled a lot, stuff gets on the burners and occasionally you get a whiff of something burning. I kept getting those whiffs rather persistently. As my husband was making his plate, I told him to just ignore the smell because I figured that something must have gotten on the burner. "Babe, that smell is coming from the oven." Bread!!!! There was also smoke coming out of the oven. I pulled out the tray. Instead of a mouthwatering garlic bread there was this:

Now, you might ask why the bread is lying on the bushes. I did the most logical thing: I picked up the tray, took it outside and dumped it on the bushes. There was so much smoke coming off ot it. As of this morning the bread is still there intact. Even the birds don't want it.
On a different note, I love my new house shoes:

And I just had to put in one of Zeus looking annoyed


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