Friday, January 8, 2010

Suddenly Shrunk?

So I am making pasta salad for a large gathering tomorrow. Large as in 50-60 people. I bought three boxes of the old trusted "Suddenly salad" because it never let me down in the past. I boil the water in a big pot, rip open the bag and stare at pasta in disbelief. They shrunk the shells. Not just shrunk them, but made them so tiny that if hamster was eating them it would look proportional to the size of that hamster (best analogy I could come up with). My optimistic husband suggested that maybe they will increase in size once they are cooked. They didn't. It looks like pasta salad for babies because it is so tiny. I know that economy is tough and many products are getting shrunk but still get sold for the same price. But shrinking something in half is insulting. Betty Crocker, you suck.

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